Texas Roadhouse

100% love it
Steakhouse in Texas with a Texas theme! Wait, is it a theme?
Peanuts on the floor an slabs of beef on the table, this steakhouse serves up like a Texan is used to.


    • rickymax
      rickymax Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Steakhouse with Eyecandy
      This place has been here for a few years but we decided to try it. It was opening again for dinner at 4pm and all these cute young male waiters were walking in to work. All I could think is the manager must be gay. We must be in for some good service. I wasn't disappointed. My aunt's steak was served to perfection, my prime rib came out medium rare. Refills came out one after another and our waiter Andrew was perfect in every way. They also have this bucket of peanuts on the table that are at your disposal throughout the entire meal-just throw the shells on the floor! I think I saw one female employee. Even the host or was it the manager came to check on our table during our meal. It was a great EXPERIENCE! I will surely return and I'm not an avid beef eater. we'll you know what I mean. The prices are a little steep but it is a steakhouse so you do expect to pay a little more, and the selections as far as for sides are a little boring. But other than that, I would recommend this place for anyone that gets tired of Mexican food after a while in El Paso. Right off the freeway east of the airport.