Gay El Paso: Not so conservative after all

Don't let the conservative reputation fool you. There are a few pockets within Texas that offer traveling gays a good time, and you'll have to head about as south as you possibly can to find the fun near the Rio Grande. El Paso brings the best of southwest, with some of the best Mexican food, arts and culture found this side of the border. And within the historic sites exists a vibrant downtown arts scene, where, not surprisingly, much of the city's queer life can be found. Most of the bars and hangouts are located within a few blocks of one another (neighboring the convention center and the famous Camino Real hotel—a must see!), making the area very walkable. Though recently in the news for more bad news than good, after a gay couple was kicked out of the Chico's Tacos restaurant over a simple kiss, the city council has reaffirmed its support of the community, investigating the incident and acknowledging the mistreatment. So don't let one taco stand (out of many wonderful ones!) ruin your impression of this city. Whether you're in town to eat your way through the southwest or meet a cowboy or two, be sure to take in all the culture and hospitality El Paso has to offer.

Restaurants to check out